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Remembering Joyce Fardoux

Volunteers are like family around here. We lost a much-loved member of that family on July 3, 2014, when Joyce Fardoux passed away.

I love this picture of her from about 1990, standing with other volunteers in front of what would soon become the new home of the Museum at 609 Ridge Road. That's Joyce in front, on the right, with the big grin and all the badges and patches. We'll always remember her that way: bursting with enthusiasm, tirelessly cheerful, endlessly curious about history, eager to pitch in with whatever needed doing.

She especially loved giving programs for kids, and brought her gift for communicating with both children and animals to her volunteer work out at Historic Wagner Farm in Glenview, where she was a pillar of that institution for years and years. It seems like just yesterday that she brought one of her great-grandchildren by the Museum, and we had a chance to talk old times. Thanks, Joyce, for everything. We will miss you always.


What a wonderful tribute to a great lady. She always seemed to make time for the Historical Society and Museum, when she wasn't driving her horse and buggy in downtown Chicago. Her cheerful, enthusiastic personality was a great role model for all future volunteers. Thank you Joyce for all your years of devotion.

This is certainly a very good photo of Joyce, and also of my wife, Lesley, who died just over 3 years ago. She also had a high opinion of Joyce and very much enjoyed working with her. I don't remember ever seeing this picture before and so have sent it out to our three "children", now all middle-aged.

Anthony Green