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Gross Point Register of Permits to Dispose of Human Body Index

This register records deaths of Gross Point residents between 1902 and 1919.

This online index contains the person's surname, given name, date of death, name of cemetery, and page number in the register. When the handwriting on a certificate was difficult to read, a "best guess" was entered in the index. If you don't find an entry under the expected spelling, check alternates. For example, a name beginning with T might appear in the index under F or I.

To use the search form below, you may enter information in any or all of the boxes. To return to the full list after searching, clear your search entries and click Apply.

Last Name First Name Date of death Cemetery Page in register
Wasnowsky Helen 1/16/1916 McHenry, Ill. 46
Weber Eva 1/8/1910 St. Joseph Cemetery, Wilmette 24
Weber Phillip 5/1/1911 St. Joseph Cemetery, Wilmette 28
Weinz Margaret 1/21/1913 St. Peter, Niles Center 33
Werner Wendelin 7/9/1910 St. Boniface, Chicago 21
Williams Frank 3/31/1913 Oakwood City 34
Winkel Carl 8/6/1911 St. Joseph Cemetery, Wilmette 29
Winkens Marie Emma 7/21/1910 Concord Cemetery 21
Wirt Bertha 7/29/1917 Bluffton, Indiana 55
Woodruff Chas. Henry 5/10/1911 Elgin, Ill. 29
Young Mrs. Martin 1/27/1916 Gary, Ind. 47
Zeutschel Paul 4/13/1911 St. Joseph Cemetery, Wilmette 28
Zeutschel Paul 4/15/1914 St. Joseph Cemetery, Wilmette 38
Zeutschel Walter 2/23/1915 St. Joseph Cemetery, Wilmette 42
Zeutschel Katharina 9/21/1910 St. Joseph Cemetery, Wilmette 23
Ziemke August 2/28/1909 Niles Center, Illinois 15
Zimmer Helena Josephine 2/18/1909 St. Joseph Cemetery, Wilmette 14