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Feature Stories

Here, from the files of the Wilmette Historical Museum’s newsletter, Ouilmette Heritage, is a selection of a few of our favorite stories. Click on a thumbnail to download the story as a PDF. To receive our newsletter by mail, join the Wilmette Historical Society today!


“Voices of Early Wilmette”
Memories of pioneer days in the young village.

“The Mystery of Archange Ouilmette”
Her name lives on, but we know so little about her.

“The Union Church”
A good idea for church-sharing that didn’t quite work out.


“The Store”
Wilmette’s first general store, and what happened to it.

“Before Mallinckrodt”
A tract of land that started as a marsh and ended as a convent.

“Kenilworth Sanitarium”
An extraordinary institution that once stood on Beechwood.


“Gross Point Boys”
Remembering Ed Schuett and Ralph Klinge

“The Strange Journey of Ben Marshall’s Apollo”
From the Roaring Twenties to today.

“Stolp Class of 1937”
Charlton Heston was just one of a remarkable trio of graduates.


“The Cold War on Washington Ave.”
How an old laundry became a center for pioneering climate research.

“Connecticut Village”
The Olde New England visions of architect/planner Irvin A. Blietz

“Cops and Robbers at Edens Plaza, 1957”
A jewelry store, a young cop, and “Pops” Panczko.


“The Great Alewife Invasion of 1967”
When the smells of summertime were truly memorable.