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Wilmette Plans 150th Anniversary

Help the Village prepare for 2022!

In 2022, the Village of Wilmette will celebrate its 150th anniversary. The Village Board created a Sesquicentennial Planning Committee to coordinate events for 2022, and they welcome your ideas to help plan activities throughout the year. For further information, visit the Sesquicentennial Planning Committee page on the Village of Wilmette website,

The following are ways you can participate in the planning process:

  • Send an email with your ideas to
  • Attend a virtual committee meeting. To find out when the next meeting will be held, email
  • Talk to a member of the Committee. Members from the Museum and Historical Society include Nancy Canafax, Vern Squires, and Kathy Hussey-Arntson. For a complete list of members, please see the Village website.