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Voice of Wilmette: an Oral History Project


Together the Museum and the Wilmette Public Library have created kits for anyone to use to conduct interviews with people who currently live and/or work in Wilmette, or have done so in the past.  Each kit includes a digital recorder, a brochure with tips on interviewing, and an interview consent form.  Kits will be available to use on-site at the Museum or the Library, or to check out at the Library and use at home.  You can also suggest people who we can interview ourselves.  Depending on the topic and the age of the person, interviews can be short (15 minutes) or long (over an hour).  The interview can be about a very narrow topic (one event, for example) or about a larger topic (an older person's life experiences, a Wilmette business or career, immigrating from another country, community service and organizing, experiences at school, or the pandemic, for example).  The goal is to hear from a wide variety of people in our 150th year.  We hope that you can participate by being part of an interview or by suggesting someone who you think would be a great interviewee.  Additional information available here.