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Death Certificate Index

The death certificates in our vital records collection document deaths in Wilmette between 1913 and October 1953.

This online index contains the person's surname, given name, and year of death. When the handwriting on a certificate was difficult to read, a "best guess" was entered in the index. If you don't find an entry under the expected spelling, check alternates. For example, a name beginning with T might appear in the index under F or I.

To use the search form below, you may enter information in any or all of the boxes. To return to the full list after searching, clear your search entries and click Apply.

Last Name First Name Year of death
Sister Ennatha 1938
Sister Alphonsis 1943
Sister Gabriele 1943
Sister Ermina 1951
Sister Edna 1948
Sister Fina 1950
Sister M. Rosalia 1945
Sister Marietta 1938
Sister Lavina Marie 1932
Sister Theresine 1946
Sister Evergisla 1949
Sister Josetta Antoinette 1951
Sister Elsa 1948
Sister Licinia 1944
Sister Alphaea 1953
Mother Myra 1935
Sister Edelinda 1951
Sister Prima Mary 1936
Sister Procula 1951
Sister M. Leonie 1952
Sister Ubaldesca 1946
Sister Felicissima 1931
Sister Brunona 1948
Sister Electa 1944
Sister Dorincella 1927
Sister Hippolyta 1940
Sister Flavinna 1947
Sister Zosima 1951
Sister Hermana 1949
Sister Augustalis 1943
Sister Tharcisia 1942
Sister Benitia 1937
Sister Tobia 1942
Sister Amadea 1949
Sister Marjorie 1946