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Birth Records

The birth certificates in the Museum's collection document some, but not all, births in Wilmette and Gross Point between the years 1893 and 1926. Except for a few certificates from the 1920s, the majority of these documents are delayed birth registrations, filed between 1940 and 1946 by Dr. Martin Seifert, M.D., registrar and head of the Wilmette Health Department. Many of the certificates have birth affidavits, or certificates of correction attached.

Information found on the birth certificates may include the child's name, date of birth, sex, whether twin or triplet or other, and number in birth order; parents' names including maiden name of mother, ages, birthplaces, occupations, and residence address; number of children born to mother; and number of children born to mother living at the time of the child's birth.

This online index contains the child's surname, given name, and year of birth. When the handwriting on a certificate was difficult to read, a "best guess" was entered in the index. If you don't find an entry under the expected spelling, check alternates. For example, a name beginning with T might appear in the index under F or I.

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Last Name First Name Birth year
Arns Florence G. 1901
Arns George P. 1894
Arns Joseph C. 1891
Aschbacker Carl 1916
Awe Henrietta 1902
Awe Margaret Mary 1906
Bagley Helson Wearn 1891
Bailey Howard John Jacobs 1916
Baily Ellen Morton 1919
Baker Frank Macklin 1909
Baker Gayle Louise 1916
Baker Robert Lee 1914
Baldesweeler Jane Elizabeth 1925
Ball Howard Nelson Jr. 1917
Ball Irma Louise 1916
Ball Wilbur Harris Walton 1926
Ballard Edward 1890
Balmes Jane Frances 1921
Balmes Mark Edward 1924
Balmes Mary Ann 1921
Balmes Mary Ann 1923
Balmes Milford Frances 1919
Balmes Paul Jr. 1918
Balmes Raymond William 1913
Balmes Robert Joseph 1906
Balmes Ruth Anna 1918
Balmes Susana Roser 1916
Balmes Theresa Mary 1926
Balmes Thomas Frederick 1920
Balmes Anna Mary 1924
Balmes Bernardine Catherine 1916
Balmes Catherine 1912
Balmes Frederick Robert 1922
Balmes James Michael 1921
Barett Harold Gibson 1908