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1908 Directory

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Last Name First Name Middle name Wife's name House number Street Occupation
Chandler Elena Mrs 125 4Th St
Chapin Emma Mrs 1013 Linden Ave
Chester Harry Laura 1026 Greenwood Ave
Chester Richard Margaret 1529 Elmwood Ave Painter
Childs A S Harriet A 1137 Central Ave Physician And Surgeon
Childs Myrtle A 1121 Central Ave
Choate Earl 1219 Wilmette Ave
Christman Jessie 809 Elmwood Ave
Churchill W T Mary Ann 1023 W R R Ave Dairyman
Claifman Kate 1024 Central Ave Maid
Clampitt F J Mary A 1121 Central Ave Mg Whiting Paper Co.
Clark J D Ella 219 9Th St Salesman
Clark L A Sadie 716 Lake Ave
Clarke Chas S Myrtle A 526 Washington Ave
Clarke Flora A 526 Washington Ave
Clay Cissius M Cora 1228 Forest Ave Aud
Cleveland B W 1023 Greenwood Ave Credit Man
Cleworth W C Helen 1024 Lake Ave Pastor Me Church
Clifford Benj F Florence 502 Lake Ave
Clifford Frank R Florence 528 West Ave W Dirby Desk
Clow David E Catherine 1064 Linden Ave Plumber
Cluden Lena 715 Washington Ave Maid
Clyde W N May 1011 Greenleaf Ave
Clymer E F Georgia 633 Forest Ave
Coates C B Eva 923 Greenleaf Ave Elec Eng
Coattes Leo 1326 Forest Ave
Coburn Alonzo J Jean 400 8Th St Mgr With Marshall Fields
Cochran Ar 519 W R R Ave
Coffey M J Nellie 711 Washington Ave Tailor And Draper 153 Lasalle
Cole E Lulu 911 Greenwood Ave Stationer 86 Dearborn
Cole Monroe 911 Greenwood Ave
Colegrove Edwin H Esther 824 Linden Ave W/ Med Book Concern
Collier Frank P Flora 601 Lake Ave Railway Supplies
Collins Clinton C Lillian 1501 Forest Ave Lawyer St Ex Bldg.
Collyer Agnes 524 Hill St