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1908 Directory

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Last Name First Name Middle name Wife's name House number Street Occupation
Buckman F D Anate 1041 Linden Ave Ins
Buckman R M Jennie 1034 Linden Ave
Budinger Josephine 810 Forest Ave
Buhl Mildred Mrs 1200 Central Ave Music Teacher
Burbach Henry J Augusta 1020 Linden Ave Salesman
Burchard John C 1130 Chestnut St Atty
Burg Sam 1240 Central Ave Barber
Burge E A 232 4Th St Real Estate
Burge E H Grace 1215 Lake Ave Machinist
Burge George 321 4Th St
Burge Ida 321 4Th St
Burge J Edw 321 4Th St
Burke W H Charlotte 507 Washington Ave Lawyer
Burkhalter T E 1144 Wilmette Ave
Burkman Sigma 1048 Lake Ave Maid
Burnette Geo W Carrie L 623 Central Ave Merchant
Burnside H Philema 1515 Lake Ave Clk
Burrows R J Lulu 1525 Lake Ave Salesman
Butler Geo F Nancy 1213 Forest Ave Physician And Surgeon
Butler Mary S 1213 Forest Ave
Butz Alvin Ella A 500 Central Ave
Butz Ella 802 Lake Ave
Butz Emil C Bertha T 702 Washington Ave Broker
Butz Florence 802 Lake Ave Teacher
Butz Walter Emma 802 Lake Ave Real Estate Examiner
Butzow Mary 600 W R R Ave
Byrnes Edmund 912 Linden Ave Pastor, St. Xavier Church
Cady Edward B Sallie 916 Greenleaf Ave With Gage Downs Co. Chi.
Cady W L Edith 627 Forest Ave Printers' Sup. Co.
Calender J E Clara 419 10Th St Ins
Calhoun S W M Abel 925 Forest Ave Eng
Calkins Geo Elizabeth 173 Kline St Grocery
Calkins Russell A Edna F 518 West Ave Life Ins.
Calkins J B 0 Chestnut Nr Kenilworth
Cambier Frank L Anna D 933 Linden Ave Sup Tannery