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1908 Directory

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Last Name First Name Middle name Wife's name House number Street Occupation
Webster D V Margaret 619 Forest Ave Banker
Weedon John F Elizabeth 204 5Th St Exp Accountant
Wegforth John 727 West Ave
Wegforth John F Elizabeth 727 West Ave R Es
Weis Catherine 517 West Ave
Weis John Mary 517 West Ave
Weis Nicholas 517 West Ave
Weiss A H Bessie 1045 Linden Ave With Kel S Bd Co.
Welsh John W Edith 1220 Elmwood Ave Wire And Fencing
Welsh Edward 1105 Central Ave Student
Welsh Wm Elsie 1105 Central Ave Shoes
Welter Chas Catherine 1445 Wilmette Ave Laborer
Wemhoener L Ella 219 6Th St Fire Ins
Wenban A C Antoinette 900 Lake Ave Lawyer
West H C Myrtle 811 Forest Ave Dentist
Westwood Lavinia 1120 Lake Ave
Westwood S Jane 1120 Lake Ave Mfgr Fishing Tackle
Wetzel Emil Jessie 835 Oakwood Shoe Merchant
Weyl C W Catherine 1002 Central Ave With C T And T Co
Wheeler C A Brittie 265 Wood Ct Clk In Chi P O
Wheelock S A Fannie 822 Central Ave Com Mer
Wheelock Seymour 822 Central Ave
Wheelock Alice 830 Central Ave
Wheelock Bertha 822 Central Ave
Wheelock E B Alice 830 Central Ave R Est
Wheelock Harold 830 Central Ave
Wheelock Mabel 830 Central Ave
Wheelock Raymond 822 Central Ave
Whitcomb J L Mrs 600 Central Ave
White A E Catherine 1030 Greenwood Ave Mgr
White Chas 1030 Greenwood Ave
White C E Margaret 1316 Chestnut St On Board Of Trade
White Ella 511 W R R Ave Maid
White Ernest Sophia 410 West Ave Works For Village
White Geo 1023 W R R Ave Carpen