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1908 Directory

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Last Name First Name Middle name Wife's name House number Street Occupation
Thayer Wm H Helen 519 Washington Ave Mgr
Thelen J P Kate 818 Kline St Carpenter
Thomas H S Grace 611 Lake Ave Insurance
Thompson Jessie 1046 Elmwood Ave Maid
Thompson Marguerite 1419 Central Ave
Thompson Thos C Selina 1419 Central Ave Enamel Mfgr
Thompson Thos E 1419 Central Ave Student
Thompson Wm H Marie 825 Greenleaf Ave A Aud Library Bu
Thoms Burton Ella M 500 Lake Ave R Es And Broker
Thorn Selma 620 Washington Ave Maid
Tichenor Frank H Laura 610 Greenleaf Ave Investments
Tobias G J Ada 1021 Central Ave Physician
Tobias Olivia 1021 Central Ave
Todd C G Sadie 731 Elmwood Ave Publisher
Tolman Frank L Kathryn 1105 Lake Ave Salesman
Tomlinson W M Mary 1233 Elmwood Ave Physician
Topdahl David Anna 1706 Elmwood Ave Steam Fitter
Trenner Francis 1219 Wilmette Ave
Trent Geo W Sarah 435 10Th St Salesman
Trent Walter E 435 10Th St
Trinborn Gertrude 1222 Elmwood Ave
Tronnes E Kittie 936 Sheridan Rd Artist
Trosper R E Grace 820 Linden Ave With King-Richardson Co
Turck J Byron Marie 1231 Forest Ave Lawyer Con Bkbld
Turck Emma 935 Elmwood Ave Bookkeeper
Turck Mary E 935 Elmwood Ave Music Teacher
Turner Mary 730 Central Ave Maid
Tuthill J W Florence 121 5Th St Bookkeeper With N K Fairbanks
Tuttle Arthur H Alice D 830 Lake Ave
Tuttle J M Edith 1027 Greenwood Ave
Underhill Volney Carrie 701 Washington Ave Prin Schools
Underhill Lee 701 Washington Ave
Upson G D Louise 607 Washington Ave Dentist
Uttenreuther John Catherine 1844 Forest Ave Janitor At High School
Van Deursen Chas Jennie 1103 Forest Ave R Es