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1908 Directory

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Last Name First Name Middle name Wife's name House number Street Occupation
Stratham Wm. L Ethel 1026 Elmwood Ave Atty
Stuart Elizabeth 1044 Forest Ave
Stuart Geo B Sue 618 6Th St Clk At Farran-Ward Co.
Stuart Geo Elisa 1044 Forest Ave Bonds And Stocks
Stuart Harriet 1044 Forest Ave
Stuart Harry 1044 Forest Ave Mgr N W Halsey Co.
Sturges A H Mrs 1015 Greenwood Ave
Sturges Fredone 1015 Greenwood Ave
Sully Lewis Inez 901 Greenwood Ave Actor
Swanson Adelia 530 Forest Ave
Swanson Jennie 215 Broadway Maid
Swartout Frank 1039 Linden Ave Salesman
Swartout Catherine 1039 Linden Ave
Sweet J R Lottie 611 Elmwood Ave
Switzer Byron B Emma 1010 Central Ave
Sykes L P Hattie 825 Lake Ave Real Estate
Taggart Jean 1118 Central Ave
Taylor Ada E 921 Oakwood Stenog
Taylor Albert H Harriet N 929 12Th St Adv Agt
Taylor Arthur J Lida 835 Central Ave Gen Mgr
Taylor Bayard Sarah 214 Laurel Ave Pub
Taylor Bertha M 921 Oakwood With Cutter Shoe Co.
Taylor D L Ellen 821 Elmwood Ave V P Long-Critch Co
Taylor India 214 Laurel Ave
Taylor I T Mrs 921 Oakwood
Taylor Jesse 214 Laurel Ave
Taylor Maud 835 Central Ave
Telfer G Mrs 1226 Lake Ave
Test F G Leuva 931 Greenwood Ave Lumber And Mill Works
Teufel Catherine 0 Sher Nr Lin
Teufel Christian Emily 0 Sher Nr Lin
Teufel Herman J 0 Sher Nr Lin Jeweler
Teufel Josephine 0 Sher Nr Lin
Teufel Philline 0 Sher Nr Lin
Thalen Tillie 413 Central Ave Cook