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1908 Directory

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Last Name First Name Middle name Wife's name House number Street Occupation
Stanton E M Jessie 511 Washington Ave Optician
Stanton Mabel 511 Washington Ave
Stanton Margaret Mrs 511 Washington Ave
Stanton Ruth 1804 Elmwood Ave
Starr Jeannette 607 Lake Ave Maid
Starr Western Edith 1104 Forest Ave Lawyer
Steele Carrie L Mrs 410 Hill St Broker
Steele Dorothy 410 Hill St Dancer
Steffens John M Emma 1714 Charles St Clerk C And N W R R
Steffens J S Dorothy 1229 Wilmette Ave Meat Market
Steffens Joseph Margaret 1437 Central Ave
Steffens John J Anna 1714 Charles St
Steiner Joseph Nellie 1451 Wilmette Ave Plumber
Steiner Gertrude 0 S E Corner Wilmette And 15Th
Steiner Benj Mary 1461 Wilmette Ave Plumber
Steiner Mary 1451 Wilmette Ave
Stellin Ida 614 Linden Ave
Stenau Teresa 1733 Lake Ave
Stengrinsen Gunda 914 Forest Ave Maid
Stephens C D Charlotte 1224 Elmwood Ave
Stephens Otho Frederic 418 Hill St
Stephens O W Rosalie 418 Charles St Clerk C And N W Ry
Sterne John Hannah 1706 Hill St Foreman At S Evanston
Steubner James 1775 Charles St Works For V Bezdek
Stevens Grafton Virginia 514 Linden Ave Mech Engineer
Stevens John S Margaret 823 Forest Ave
Stewart Fred Grace 161 Kline St Clerk At Vandeusen'S
Stewart L K Mary 1029 Lake Ave Dentist
Stoddard Robt Florence 524 Lake Ave Manager Stock
Stolp Byron C Cenie 1029 13Th St Phys
Stone J F Stella 706 Linden Ave Controller
Stoneholm Walter 419 Gregory Ave
Stowe W A Mary 207 5Th St Pur Agent
Stratford Albert 1023 W R R Ave Plumb
Stratford Wm 1023 W R R Ave Delivery