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1908 Directory

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Last Name First Name Middle name Wife's name House number Street Occupation
Bleser Peter Helen 1435 Central Ave Painter And Decorator
Blocks Mathias Frederica 1416 Wilmette Ave Undertaker
Blomquist Anna 619 Greenleaf Ave Maid
Blue Margaret 801 Forest Ave Maid
Blunt L E Amanda 1008 Oakwood Bookstore
Blunt Lavinia 1008 Oakwood
Blymyer B F Elinor 626 Lake Ave Agt
Blymyer C W Mrs 1018 Lake Ave
Bockius Allen 1035 Central Ave
Bockius Caroline E 1035 Central Ave Teacher
Bockius Florence 1035 Central Ave
Bockius Hallie 1035 Central Ave
Bockius Mary 1035 Central Ave Teacher
Boddinghouse R W Annie 1437 Gregory Ave Lawyer
Bodell Allen Clara 826 Greenleaf Ave Agt
Bodholdt A K 830 Lake Ave Lawyer
Boedecker Rudolph Marie 1622 Forest Ave Decorator
Bogar Mattie F 329 4Th St
Bogda Mina 1427 Central Ave
Bogda John Augusta 1425 Central Ave Laborer
Boice Harry Ethel 925 12Th St Life Ins
Boice W S 1129 Central Ave
Bola Minnie 827 Elmwood Ave
Boland Margaret 1022 Lake Ave Maid
Boomer Henry R 1123 Lake Ave
Borgeson Amy 1562 Hill St
Borgeson I C 1562 Hill St Carpenter
Borgeson Lillian 1562 Hill St
Borre Peter 0 Ridge And Highland
Borre John Mary 0 Highland And Ridge Farmer
Borre Matthew Elizabeth 220 Wood Ct Meat Cutter
Borre Nicholas Gertrude 716 Ridge Ave
Bowden Henry 1804 Elmwood Ave
Bowden Wm 1804 Elmwood Ave
Bowen Howard Grace 1215 Elmwood Ave Architect