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1908 Directory

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Last Name First Name Middle name Wife's name House number Street Occupation
Beman Roger J 1328 Elmwood Ave
Beman Wesley 1328 Elmwood Ave
Beman W I Ida L 1328 Elmwood Ave
Bennett R S Rothe 639 West Ave Clerk
Bennett S C ------ 1029 Greenwood Ave
Benniston S S Allie E 1033 Greenwood Ave
Benthusen Daisy 822 Kline St
Benthusen E A Mrs 822 Kline St
Benthusen Grace 822 Kline St
Berger Father 1767 Lake Ave
Berry Raymond E 926 Lake Ave
Bertch Corda 1011 Greenleaf Ave
Betts D S Lydia 1120 Central Ave Salesman
Betts Norman S Marianna 1120 Central Ave Insurance
Bevan T J Frances 1454 Lake Ave Painting And Decorating
Bevan Thomas 1454 Lake Ave Painter
Beyrer W G Mabel 723 Central Ave Electrician
Bezdek V Anna 1775 Charles St Florist
Bezzio Albert 1302 Wilmette Ave
Bezzio John Florence 155 Kline St Clk
Bezzio M 1302 Wilmette Ave Carpenter
Biddleman Mary E 400 Lake Ave
Biehl G J Helen 722 12Th St Bookkeeper
Bierwert A Mrs 729 8Th St
Bierwert Jonas Charlotte 1245 Wilmette Ave Contractor
Bingham P M Jane 208 Wood Ct
Bisaillon L O Louise 1809 Columbus Ave Clerk
Bisbee M S Hattie 735 10Th St Designer
Blackburn Augusta 210 Laurel Ave
Blackburn Howard Nell 210 Laurel Ave Sup San Dist Work
Blackington Fred 830 Lake Ave Lawyer
Blackman Jos K Alice 206 6Th St Salesman
Blake Eva 921 10Th St
Blake E O Annie 921 10Th St Architect
Bleser F Dora 1319 Wilmette Ave