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1908 Directory

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Last Name First Name Middle name Wife's name House number Street Occupation
Barrett Mary 533 Forest Ave
Barrett Nancy 533 Forest Ave
Barrow Chas Louise 215 Doyle Ct Carpenter
Barrow H Mrs 236 Laurel Ave
Barrow Lillian Miss 236 Laurel Ave
Barrow Louise 236 Laurel Ave
Barrow Wm 236 Laurel Ave Wigmaker
Bartholemew W S Kathryn 607 Forest Ave Mgr
Bartlett Celia P Mrs 1144 Wilmette Ave
Bartlett O W Adelaide H 912 Greenleaf Ave Mgr
Bartlett Sam'L C Hattie E 519 Gregory Ave Carpenter
Bartlett Anna May 1144 Wilmette Ave
Bateman F L Alta 1517 Lake Ave Sec'Y And Treas.
Bates E E May 1511 Lake Ave Clerk
Bates H M 427 Central Ave Dressmaker
Bauer Emma 1310 Wilmette Ave
Bauer Jos Mary 1310 Wilmette Ave Carpenter
Bauer Jos Christina 410 Kline St Carpenter
Bauer Jos G Christine 1623 Charles St
Bauer Jos M 1310 Wilmette Ave Printer
Baumann Fred K 625 Greenleaf Ave Student
Baumann Geo M Mary K 625 Greenleaf Ave R E
Beals Louisa 1041 Linden Ave
Beaubien Albert 222 Doyle Ct
Beaubien Edgar 222 Doyle Ct
Beaubien Francis Bertha 222 Doyle Ct Moulder
Beaubien Sadie 222 Doyle Ct
Beaubien Henry 222 Doyle Ct
Beaumont M H Eva 1107 Elmwood Ave Trav Salesman
Beaumont Sam Minnie 917 Forest Ave Grain Dealer
Becker Herman T Jennie A 209 Woodbine T Mgr
Behm Louisa 1027 Central Ave Maid
Behrle Frank Cecelia 1507 Charles St Pur Agt
Bell L S Mrs 120 5Th St
Belt W O Cora 601 Washington Ave Lawyer