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1908 Directory

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Last Name First Name Middle name Wife's name House number Street Occupation
Appleton Robt S Margaret 325 Hill St With Cres. Oil Co.
Appleyard Geo F Elizabeth 1122 Lake Ave Salesman
Arms Herbert C Elizabeth 33 Crescent Pl With Central Scientific Co.
Armstrong W C Emma E 225 Central Ave Civil Eng
Arneson Nellie 912 Lake Ave Maid
Arnison S B 919 Forest Ave Maid
Arnold F L Mabel B 1123 Lake Ave Artist
Arnold Leonora 1123 Lake Ave
Arns Joseph Gertrude 325 12Th St Jus Of Peace
Arthur Annie 719 10Th St
Arthur James Mrs 719 10Th St
Arting I Lavinia 412 West Ave Barber
Ashenden Bessie 710 Linden Ave
Ashenden E H Ella 710 Linden Ave Com Mer
Ashenden John 710 Linden Ave Artist
Ashenden Harry W 710 Linden Ave Asst Mgr
Atkins E G Mrs 510 West Ave
Atkins Henry S 510 West Ave Asst Agt
Aylesworth A H Nellie J 857 Michigan Ave Trav Salesman
Babcock Mary Mrs 229 6Th St
Babcock B F 816 Forest Ave
Bachman Margharetta 219 6Th St Maid
Baird Helen 714 Central Ave
Baker John Clark Hester Sproul 347 Hill St Lawyer
Baker R S Ida L 606 Greenleaf Ave Auditor
Balmes Michael Anna 1627 Charles St Carpneter (Sic)
Banchman Elizabeth 901 Greenwood Ave Companion
Barackman Dr W G Kathryn 1200 Central Ave Dentist
Bard Geo Elizabeth 607 Lake Ave Auto Salesman
Barker Milton E 735 10Th St Real Es
Barker M Jr E 735 10Th St Real Es
Barker Mira K 735 10Th St Teacher
Barrett Frank 533 Forest Ave
Barrett Harold G Mayme 310 3Rd St Draftsman
Barrett J P Eleanor 533 Forest Ave Merchant